Place the pedal in the opening and lower the bike. That’s it!

The bike is parked upright, without falling over or being damaged by other bikes. The pedal.clip is useful at home, but also suitable for companies, shops, restaurants, bicycle rental, etc. It is available in different materials, but can also be personalized with a color or logo. You can easily order the pedal.clip in our webshop.

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Useful at home or at your company. Order the desired number and mount the pedal.clip easily in the garden, garage, shed or at the entrance of your company.

The offers the possibility to charge your electric bicycle.


If there is little space to park your bicycle, the compact is the solution. The back of the compact is open so you can easily ride the bike in the opening.

The has a three-meter long frame and six pedal.clip storage facilities. The comes standard with the normal version, but is also available with charging points.



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