Bike parking, we do it differently.

Not because we want to be different, but because we don’t believe in standard. Every location is different. A city is not a village, a train station is not a bus stop, a school is not a company, an apartment is not a house and vice versa. That is why we create bike sheds that suit their location or can be flexibly adapted. But how? Take a look at our website and make an appointment with us, we are happy to tell you more about it.

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bike.tower is an automated bicycle parking system.

The smart and space-saving parking system keeps bicycles out of sight and makes safe bike storage easy. The diameter of is only 5 meters and that makes unique in its kind. The system can be modularly built and placed both above and below the ground. A floor consists of 18 boxes, 1 lift shaft and has a height of 1.5 meters.

read more about bike.tower is a modern bike shed and can accommodate 7 or 14 bikes.

Due to the special design, the storage forms a jewel with a practical purpose. Especially when it’s placed around a tree.

Because of the round shape and the way of parking, is a compact shed. The cyclist parks the bicycle backwards and turns the steering wheel. The dividers have openings where the cyclist can attach a padlock for extra safety. By inserting the plug into the charging point, the electric bicycle is charged during storage.

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The pedal.clip is the way to park easily and quickly.

Place the pedal in the opening and lower the bike. That’s it! The bike is parked upright, without falling over or being damaged by other bikes. The pedal.clip is useful at home, but also suitable for companies, shops, restaurants, bicycle rental, etc. It is available in different materials, but can also be personalized with a color or logo

read more about pedal.clip is a space-saving bicycle locker.

The shape of the box is a pie slice and these are placed alternately. The bike is parked backwards in the locker, so the minimum sqm is used for safe parking of the bike. can be equipped with charging points for electric bikes and ordered in units of six in any desired RAL color.

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